2.7 eco boost

Has anyone else had issues with the 2.7 eco boost ? Mine went 4K miles had a dual head gasket failure causing damage to the cylinders. Requiring ford to replace my long block and both turbos . Bought the truck off the show room floor in Jan 2019 it had 123 miles on it . For some reason these trucks produce white smoke at start ups which ford says is normal . The whole motor replacement process took 7 weeks just got my truck back last week and the new engine still has thin white smoke after truck is warmed up . The exhaust doesn’t smell burnt or sweet but it’s concerning.

Try a similar truck and see if its doing it. I doubt this is normal unless its condensation.

You might also look for a Ford pickup forum, more chance of finding folks with experience in this particular problem.

Think I have seen other people saying something about that . Myself I won’t buy any motor with a turbo on it specially a very small V6 pushing a huge truck . They have a fair amount of issues with these motors, google them .

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That is normal on cold starts, esp when the ambient temperature is cool. It’s just condensed water vapor (i.e. similar to a cloud) due to the combustion of gasoline with air

ch2 + O2 = h20 + cO2

It goes away (at least it should) as the exhaust system heats up. the water is still there, but it is invisible b/c the exhaust pipe heat prevents it from condensing. If the problem is coolant coming out the tail-pipe, then you’d notice the coolant level dropping in the radiator over time.

Yes i thought the same about the engine size verse the truck size until I realized the 2.7 eco has more power than the Chevy 5.3 v8 the 2.7 has 325 horse and 400 torque verses the 310 hp Chevy v8 also the Ford is 700 lbs lighter

I frequent an F150 forum and have seen posts on this issue. Ford has a tsb out about it. They don’t recommend doing any repairs unless the engine burns oil. Also, the 2.7 had some issues with the heads, but I believe that was supposed to be 2015-2016 model years.

Edited to add that after reading your original post again, I realize you’re well aware of the issues I mentioned.

Yeah mine was total failure took forever to get the truck back . I’ve driven fords for 25 years never had these