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White smoke

I just had the head on a 1991 Ford Probe rebuilt and it blows white smoke out the exhaust for about 5 minutes after start up from cold and then goes away. Any ideas?

There’s a lot of missing info (which engine, turbo or not, who did the work, etc.) but some possibilities could be:
Leaking head gasket - cylinder and block surfaced as needed, head bolts torqued properly, etc.?

Leaking intake manifold gasket - possibly warped intake flange or head mating surface.

Leaking turocharger seal - assuming this is the turbocharged version.

White smoke normally points to coolant loss. Even a few drops will smoke like a grass fire. There’s always the possibility of a cracked head or block but this is pretty remote IMHO and falls into the last gasp category.

In winter white (not blue) is water.  That could be nothing more than the normal winter condensation in the exhaust system.  Five minutes seems about right for it to be normal.  Does it smell like oil?  Are you loosing coolant?  Frankly I doubt if it is a problem.

How much smoke? Water from the tailpipe? Are you losing any coolant? What does your oil look like? A milkshake? More details, please. Rocketman