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2013 Ford Escape white smoke from tailpipe

My 20013 Escape with the 1.6L engine is blowing white smoke out of the exhaust. It has slowly gotten worse over the last month and now is smoking at start up and acceleration. It has not overheated and it’s not loosing any coolant. I have changed the oil end there was some sludge in it, but the oil looked ok. I have also flushed the coolant and everything looked good as well. Compression is good on all cylinders. I’m stumped as to what is causing the smoke. Can it be the turbo? The car runs great with no hesitation at all.

2013 Escape 1.6L with 75k miles.

Sounds like the seals on the turbo are leaking.

Is it possible to rebuild the turbo, or do I have to buy the whole assembly? Also is the only way to test this is to remove the turbo and tear into it?


Doubtful that you will see anything abnormal after removing the turbocharger, oil smoke during start up and during boost usually indicates that the turbo bearing seals have failed.

When you replace the turbo also replace the oil supply line, I have seen techs overlook a coked oil line and the new turbo fails in a short amount of time.

I have removed the turbo and noticed that there is oil in the exhaust manifold in the 3rd cylinder (2nd from the left when facing the engine) and the 4th (Last on right). Could this be from a leaking valve cover gasket and be my problem?

The turbo appears to be okay on initial review. No play side to side with a small amount forward to back. There doesn’t appear to be any marks on the wall from the propeller scraping it or any marks on the propeller.