2017 Ford F-150 - Smokes

Love my F-150 2.7L Twin Turbo Ecoboost. Perfect for getting around and towing our 5,200lb. travel trailer. A couple of months ago I noticed white smoke for a few seconds on cold starts. Took it in and they say they pressurized the system and there is no coolant loss. Showed me a couple of Ford notices that says it is normal for the 2.7. I am concerned that if it is “normal” it should have been doing it all along and not just over the last few months. I have 31k so there is time but want to know what others are experiencing/hearing? Thanks.

Could be condensation you are seeing since its happening on a cold start.

Thanks but no it is smoke. Vehicle is garaged and it starts within 1 to 2 seconds and stops after 6 to 7 seconds. Ambient air temperature doesn’t matter.

Well, since your vehicule is under warranty,a trip to the dealer is in order.

You might look for a Ford F-150 specific forum to find if others have this problem and you can see another dealer . Your owners manual will have contacts for escalating this complaint.

And make sure you have it in writing that you reported this to the dealer.

The oil seal on the turbine side of the turbo may be starting to leak.


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Did that and Ford motor company says it is normal for the 2.7 EcoBoost.

No experience w/this engine myself. Are you needing to add coolant to keep it topped off? If not, whatever is causing the white puffs of “smoke” out the exhaust pipe isn’t coolant. Which is consistent w/what your shop found. So let’s assume it isn’t coolant. It’s normal for some white exhaust smoke on cold starts, especially during cool temperatures. If you are certain this just started occurring, then it could be oil-caused by leaking valve stem seals, or oil getting passed the turbo and into the cylinders that way as mentioned above. Piston ring problems are a possibility too, but seem unlikely with that vintage and mileage as long as it has been properly maintained, never got low on oil, or had an overheating incident. I think if I had this problem I’d be inclined to just monitor the situation, see if it gets worse, or if other symptoms appear.

I agree with @George_San_Jose1 and vote for valve stem seals. Does the white smoke have a slight bluish tinge? If it does, I vote twice.