Toyota rav4 power outside mirrors

I have a 2013 Rav4. I can adjust my left mirror but the right side is inoperable.

No warranty left?

Depending upon the mileage, Toyota has a three year bumper to bumper to 36k. These babies can be expensive to fix with OEM parts. If your mileage is under 36k you are in like flin. It the mileage is reasonably close, say within 5k miles, or more. I would pursue the fix through the customer service at the factory level and get a name of an advisor who can speak on your behalf. I have had several fixes done this way beyound warranty. BE AWARE, OUT OF WARRANTY WORK MUST BE ADVOCATED FOR BY THE CUSTOMER. The dealer only gets paid through the factory and they are not benevolent. Don’t expect them to be. Be kind, persistent. and friendly…like a pit bull puppy. You do not need the dealer to do factory warranty work in some cases. I was offered a refund check after the repair was done by any shop of my choice.

Remain optimistic. It’s entirely possible this is relatively easy to fix. Take a look at the condition of the wiring that runs through the door pillar from the body of the car to the door, usually near the hinges. Any signs of frayed insulation there? As the door is opened and closed, that can rub away the insulation. One reason to think this isn’t the problem however is that the problem is on the passenger side, and that door usually isn’t used as often. But if your passenger side door is used a lot …

If no signs of a wiring insulation problem in that location, there could still be some insulation torn off the wire, but the problem is invisible, inside the door. You’d have to have a shop remove the door panel for a look-see.

And you’ve checked the fuse, right?

The selector is a three position switch, left, off, and right so maybe the switch has to be moved farther.