Floppy mirror



I have a secondhand 1993 Honda Civic that I’m really pleased with, except for one thing: My rearview mirror drives me crazy! I can’t seem to adjust it so that it works – it keeps flopping down and won’t stay up so I can see the traffic behind me. It’s floppier in hot weather. Now that the weather’s cooler, it comes closer to holding its position. It flops less but still doesn’t stay in place long enough to be useful. What do you suggest?


I think it’s just worn out and you need to buy a new one. Or a new used one. eBay Motors or your local “auto recycler” (junkyard) will hook you up. If you spend a little bit of time looking at how the mirror is attached, you’ll see that the mirror itself attaches to a metal base that is glued to the windshield. It is probably held in place by a set screw. Take a look at it. Once you get the new mirror, it’s just a 2 minute procedure to remove the old and install the new.