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1999 Jeep Cherokee Brake Lights and Blinkers issue

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee. My brake lights have gone out, replaced bulbs, checked fuses,still no lights.

Also, when I use my turn signals, typically on the left, but can happen with either, when I use my turn signal, it sets off my emergency flashers. There is no indicator this happens inside the vehicle (flashers don’t “show” inside) I only found out this was happening when a friend told me, and when cars try to pass me when I am turning and I realize my flashers must be on and they think I am broken down… again, all fuses are good. Any ideas?

All the lights that are inoperative pass thru the multi-function switch. So the multi-function switch probably requires replacement.


I agree with Tester. It may be a good thing to also check the brake switch and make sure power is getting through it when you press the pedal. I think the middle brake lights bypass the multifunction switch and if so they should work at least. Try cycling the emergency flasher switch several times also to see if that may clear up the turn signal issue.

Is this an easy fix? WHere is the multi function switch. Not something I would want to do myself necessarily, but wont cost me $$$$$ at the mechanics?

I do know, when the turn signal actually “activate” the flashers, if I turn the flasher switch off and on a few times, it does tend to “fix” it… but it’s temporary at best… and the problem is intermittent… and of course, there is no real way for me to tell when it’s happening!
The middle brake light is out too…

It sounds like the multifunction switch will have to be replaced. As far as the brake light issue you need to verify that power is getting passed the brake switch first. I don’t think the middle light goes through the MF switch so if the brake switch is working like it should be the middle light should be on at least. If power is passing through the brake switch then chances are replacing the MF switch will fix the brake light issue also.