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1999 chysler 300 M drain plug

I am changing the oil for the 1st time. And not sure if I have the oil drain plug or xmission. It looks like the plug has never been removed and has lock tight on it.

Where is the oil drain plug. 3.5L V6.

Probably not locktite. Most likely a colored sealant that many oil changes places use. Purpose is to make sure no one tampers with the plug between times the car is brought in for service. I would go ahead and do the oil change, no problem. Don’t think your car has a transmission drain plug, but am not 100% sure. If you are unsure about the plug, then see if a friend can verify the plug before you start. Otherwise, have a back up transportation plan, in case you are wrong and need stuff from the parts store.

TY I went ahead and did it and it was the oil drain plug. Used to GM plugs which are much larger in head size. That was also a concern.