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Oil Pan - Drain Plug

An Oil Change establishment changes my 300M Chrysler every 3-4K miles. On day they cross-threaded or over tighten the drain plug. Now the plug can only be ahnd-tighten and leaks oil. They recommended that I take the car to shop that will install a new drain plug. The shop will re-tap the aluminum oil pan for a larger drain plug. They will not remove oil pan…, where do the metal pieces go? Will the over-sized drain plug in aluminum pan allows for over-tighten?

Should the oil pan be replaced?

These establishments have a history of doing things like this, and worse, because they’re focused on turnaround time, not quality or training. Search this message board for lots of examples. Consider using an independent mechanic or even the dealer from now on.

Does your owner’s manual really require oil changes that often? If not, keep in mind that you’re just creating that many more opportunities for this problem to occur.

To answer one of your questions, I believe the retapping route is a pretty standard fix without any major concerns.

You coat the tap with grease and the metal pieces stick to the grease/tap.

A good mechanic can fix this in a variety of ways that won’t cost that much…I would suggest that future oil changes be done by said mechanic…Good luck. Could have been A LOT WORSE!!!