Oil drain plug won’t loosen

I acquired this vehicle which is very clean and was well maintained. The previous owner alway took it to a shop for maintenance and repairs.
It’s is due for an oil change. I tried to change the oil but could not loosen the drain plug. I used a half inch drive ratchet with a 14MM socket and put a lot of pressure on it. And it didn’t move. Before I use a breaker bar or impact wrench I though I would ask how other people here have dealt with this issue.

I would ask the PO if they have any idea why this is happening.

Breaker bar and hope for the best.

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My 1/2" ratchet has an 18" handle, no problem loosening drain plugs. They should never be that tight but some people don’t know any better. The correct torque for this engine oil drain plug is 30 ft-lb.

Sorry but I have to ask. Are you turning it counter clockwise.


I’d get a 6 point socket to reduce the chance of rounding off the plug when you apply max force.


I was wondering that also I haven’t seen a lot of oil drain plugs but can not ever remember seeing one with left hand threads.


The previous owner likely took it to a quickie lube place that over tightened the heck out of it with no sealing washer so it wouldn’t leak.

6 point socket and impact set below max. Maybe with a bit of penetrating oil.


Worse comes to worst; a 3 foot piece of pipe…

Once loose, it if does not unscrew by hand then the threads may be suspect due to their being pulled due to overtightening. Just a bridge to cross when you come to it.


The PO is deceased and I live in a different state. I do not know where he had it serviced.

Good idea. Thanks

Yes, thanks for the reply.

That’s what I’m worried about.

I would consider having a shop do this oil change after telling them that the plug seems to be over tightened . That way if there is damage at least it will already be at a shop and not have to be towed too one.


Friend tightened a drain plug by mistake and cracked weld. Had it touched up with welder. 2 yrs later he stripped waterpump bolt by same mistake. I went over to look at it and it came off with vice grips. Yes, he is an odd duck.

The first time in ten years a shop inadvertently changed my oil. I went to drain it out again and put my own oil and filter in and I needed to use a pipe on my ratchet to get the plug loose. I don’t have a breaker bar but a pipe works just as well and can change the leverage as needed. That thing was on very very tight and had only been that way for a couple days. No harm but I was a little concerned.

Guess I don’t know what a breaker bar really is. To me it was any pipe that would go over the handle of the wrench.

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Breaker bar is a wrench without the ratchet, typically longer:

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The breaker bar method will likely do the job. I keep an 18 inch breaker bar with lug nut socket in my trunk anyway, makes changing a flat tire much easier. I’d worry however with it being that tight, the oil pan or drain plug threads may be damaged. If they prove to be ok, make sure to purchase a new gasket at a Toyota dealership, and while there ask them to look-up what the proper torque for the drain plug is. Buy a dozen of the gaskets, and always use a new one each time the oil is changed.

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Nevada posted the torque is 30 ft-lb .