2015 Chrysler 200 - Tough drain plug

I was trying to change my oil to my car for the first time. I got the tool and oil, filter. But right off the back I had a really hard time getting the drainage plug off. It won’t budge at all. I even broke my wretched and then I try using g a wrench but all I ended up doing is scraping the corner of the plug. So now I don’t know what to do. I want to change it myself I already have it up and part ready. I’m just having hard time with plug. Anything you think I can do?

A picture of the drain plug, and your wrench would help, need to see what damage you may have done.

Inexpensive tools can break, and not fit very well causing damage.


Well actually the wretched is fine. It was an adapter that I had to put on for a smaller socket. But I sent picture you can see the the little damage I did.

That looks like it’s from using the wrong size socket. It is a metric size, 13mm from what I can find.

By the burrs left on plug it looks like you were turning it the wrong way. Take a file, flatten off the burrs. Go to a parts store and get a special socket mad for stripped bolts. Use a 3/8 drive socket and ratchet, no adapters. Remove bolt. If you are looking at the bolt like you see it in the picture, turn it counterclockwise to remove. Then replace with a new drain plug by tightening to the proper torque.


I will try that out. But I was using a size 13 mm. Where do I get a new drain plug and how much does it cost? If it doesn’t loosing upbeat else can I do? Just in case so I know what to do next. I probably won’t be able to work on it till this weekend. But I’ll try to do it sooner and let you know how it went.

I think your best choice is to take this to an independent shop and let them remove the plug and put in a new one. Tell them that you damaged it . What will you do if you do get it out but the new one will not go in because of damaged threads ?

The previous owner likely had the oil changed at a place like Jiffy Boob. The “tech” there probably lost the gasket that keeps it from leaking and tightened the Holy Bajeezus to it to stop it from leaking. Your oil pan might be stripped. THAT would ruin your day and cause you a tow to a shop that can fix it.

Take it to a GOOD shop, not a quickie oil change place, and have the oil changed. Warn them what they will find. They will do it properly, replace the plug AND the gasket AND repair the oil pan if it is stripped. At least the next time you know you’ll be able to remove it.

@VOLVO_V70 and @Mustangman have a great idea. Oil changes at independent shops are very affordable. They won’t charge much extra if at all for a damaged plug. It may be I little more if pan is damaged. I think it’s a great idea to do your own oil changes. I’m sure it will go much better next time when conditions are better. The next hardest part would be to find the best oil filter removal tool for your application.

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@tcmichnorth brought up a thought to me. If the previous oil change shop didn’t add just a touch of oil to the oil filter gasket, it could be very difficult to remove. Found that on any new car I bought. Had the first change done at a shop. I did every one after.

This is what I’d do as well. The plug was almost certainly overtightened last time.

A 1/2" 5 point socket is just a little tighter than a 13 mm and may grip it tight enough to get it out. Buy a new plug first, either at the dealer or any auto parts store. If you have a 1/2 drive socket set, I would use that to get it out. A 3/8 set or a box wrench is better for putting it in. If you have to tap the 1/2" spcket down over the plug, so much the better.

A 14" pipe wrench would be my next shot, or a smaller pipe wrench with a pipe over the handle. righty tighty lefty loosy. A new plug is maybe 5 bucks.

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I know this will be obvious, but you haven’t pulled the filter yet, right?

I mention this b/c I got a great deal on an '80 Brat with a '79 engine. The owner got frustrated, drilled thru the pan, then couldn’t get the universal oil plug to fit. He then drove it 2 miles to the shop… no oil.

any chance your 13mm socket was worn out, so that it’s actually closer to 14mm . . . ?

This type of extractor set will in all likelihood succeed in removing that drain plug. But you’d better have a new one on hand


Some times I get lucky by using a 6 sided socket. The 12 point will sometimes strip corners off very tight bolts. I often use those designed for impact drivers… they are thicker walled.

Naturally, make sure you are turning the the wrench in the proper direction. You can file off the corners, but I’ve had luck tapping the socket on over the burs. You’ll want the socket fully seated before applying the wrench. If you have a breaker bar, I found they gave me better control so I could put pressure at as close to 90 degrees as possible. For really stubborn, I’ve used an impact driver, but most home owners don’t have those.

Naturally, best would be to take it to a shop. Oil plugs aren’t normally that stubborn. Last time I replaced a plug was from the PO using a crescent wrench and vice grips… all chewed up. I think the plug was $12 with the gasket, but that was years ago. You used to be able to buy them at parts houses… take in the old part.

…just my thoughts…

Yep, I always use a 6 point socket either SAE or Metric depending on the car. If it is tight, I simply put a length of pipe on the ratchet to get more leverage. I got a new drain plug for my Pontiac at the dealer a while back for about $8. Yeah now just replace it but I think having it done at the dealer might be the best thing. Otherwise pipe wrench but I’d prolly put a vice grip on it with a length of pipe and a hammer. Sometimes though when you are upside down it’s hard to tell which way is off. That’s why a ratchet is nice. You make sure its going the right way to loosen before crawling under.

Alright I will try that out.

I have a wretched set but its from Walmart. So don’t know how good these are. The set is brand new I only used it to put together my nephew’s basketball court. what wretched set is good for using on cars?

Snap on and Mac tools will break your wallet. I’ve been happy with Craftsman. Good tools, good price, great warranty. Availability is not so good for me now, so I’m also very interested in some responses from others.