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Locking Oil Plug

Hi all,

I recently acquired a 2010 Dodge Dakota 4.7. I decided to change my oil today but could not get the oil drain plug to even budge. Before I give it everything I’ve got and strip it is the some type of locking plug that might be installed? This is the newest vehicle I’ve ever owned so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was something I was over looking.

I suspect it was overtightened. but to be 100% positive, can you post a photo?


That is definitely the oil plug, I checked a video online.

Some people think a drain plug must be as tight as a lug nut, I sometimes need to use a long handled ratchet with 6 point socket to loosen the drain plug. 10 to 15 lb/ft is sufficient.

Use a breaker bar or a piece of pipe over your ratchet for leverage. Try not to strip it otherwise it becomes an even bigger problem.

Yes, and a bit of penetrating oil might help.

It is not any type of “Locking Drain Plug”, just over tightened by someone that knows no better.

Use a short pipe over your ratchet handle for more leverage. and use a 6 point socket, and you should not strip the bolt head.

I’ve had a few come in where I needed my 1/2 inch breaker bar that is 24 inches long.


I’m going to make a guess here… During the last oil change, the plug’s gasket fell off and was lost. The oil change monkey tightened it enough to keep it from leaking rather than replacing the gasket. Now you have to remove it. It will either strip, or it won’t. Cross your fingers and get out the breaker bar or impact wrench and go at it. Be sure and replace the gasket. Good Luck!


I’m familiar with this type of engine oil drain plug . . . and the gasket is still visible in the picture

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Thanks everyone for the information!