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1999 Chevy Truck front bucket seat slides

The passenger front bucket seat on my 1999 chevy truck slides back and forth 1/4 inch. Is there something I can adjust underneath seat to stop the movement when taking off or stopping?

Try tightening mounting bolts/nuts. If that doesn’t help you will probably need to replace slides.

Is this the 6 way electric seat? If it is these seat risers get replaced by the bushel basket. I am sure I have replaced at least 100 of them. If this is a manual seat it will need need sliders,at times you can get away with just doing one of them.

These are 6 way electric seats. What is the seat riser and is it expensive to have dealer replace? Thank you for your help!

The seat riser is both the part that has worn out and the part the seat sits on.It has been 10 years since I put one in (and everyone was done under warranty). Labor was .6 warranty (figure 1.0 customer pay) and I bet they get close to 200.00 for those,figure 300.00 unless you want it painted (they all come in grey).