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Loose truck seat

Hey there well I will admit I am a pretty hefty fellow and i seem to have worn out my truck seat. My Ford Ranger has the 60/40 bench and it is the drivers seat is very loose, it is bolted down really good it just does not seem to fully lock in place on the slider mechanism. Is this some thing easy to fix or should I seek professional help and if so who?? Is this a job for a Mechanic, Upholstery person, or a Body Shop??? Any help would be tremendously appreciated, thanks…

Many times they can’t be fixed. Most companies don’t even have part numbers for the mechanisms. You might have to replace the seat.

The cheapest thing to do is get one from a junk yard and just use the mechanism from that one. Either a body shop or a mechanic can do this. This shouldn’t be a very difficult job.

I think the seat is just worn out and needs replaced. A junkyard or salvage yard will save you money like MikeInNH previously stated.

I think you can do this yourself but need to investigate a little. I have had to weld the brackets before where they attach to the bolts in the floor. Have also just replaced the whole mechanism. So unbolt the seat and see what is broken. Get a replacement mechanism from the junk yard, and bolt it to your existing seat.

I’m with Bing. You need to unbolt the seat and see what’s going on.
It may be just the slider rails that have bent, or the locking mechanisms (hooks?) that lock the seat to the rails. The rails (tracks) and locking mechanisms can be bought seperately, but it may take a bit of an internet search. Or, you could get the rails & hardware from a boneyard and kee[ the current seat.

I’ve pulled seats in & out of trucks. It ain’t rocket science, but it takes an afternoon’s effocrt.

Don’t forget to unplug the seat sensor for the passive restraint system.

Hey thanks guys I this weekend I will give it a try. Will take the seat out and see if it something that can be repaired. If not bone yard sounds like a good idea. Plenty of rangers out there I am sure. Thanks again I really appreciate it.