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95 xj6 fore/aft seat motor

so, i only buy “disposable” cars (under $2k)that i can get rid of after they break down. i just bought a rather rough looking, but seemingly very functional, 95 xj6. it seems to run great. my only complaint is that the electrical system is crap. my main problem is the fore/aft seat motor on the driver’s side. it is stuck all the way back, and i’m 5’1. right now i’m driving with a throw pillow in the small of my back (which is how the previous owner, another short woman, drove the car). is there any way to bypass the motor and move the seat manually, or do i actually have to get a new seat motor? i’d switch it out for the passenger side one, but that one is going as well.



I Doubt The Seat Can Be Made To Adjust Manually. However, Since You Were Willing To Swap Motors, Why Not See About Taking The Seat Out Of The Vehicle.

There’s a small chance you’ll find a problem other than the motor . . . or maybe you can manually rotate a shaft or gear or something and set the set forward in a more appropriate position for your stature.

Let us know what you find and what you plan to do.