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2000 Montana Driver Seat Issue

I have a 2000 Montana. I need the driver’s seat all the way back. My wife needs the seat all the way forward. We have a power driver’s seat. Recently, the seat has developed a certain laziness. It will move a few inches, then stop. It will still move up and down, but not backward or forward. After many minutes, it will move a few more inches, then stop. It will need many minutes to move again.

I pulled the seat off, checked for any damage (none) and made sure everything was good and WD40’d. Still no luck (I did put the seat back in).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

WD-40 won’t accomplish much except for making a mess. Pull the seat back out and use some kind of grease cutting cleaner to clean the tracks that the seat slides on. Rubbing alcohol tends to work pretty well and would be gentle on the interior and not leave behind a lot of nasty stuff. If that doesn’t cut it get a can of brake cleaner - but only spray it on a rag outside of the van and then wipe.

Then regrease the the tracks.

Also pull the electrical connector for the seat motor. Spray it out really well with some electronics cleaner. Take something small enough to do it with and scrape at the connector terminals & spray it out again with the electronics cleaner. Plug it all back up and see how it goes.

If none of that helps then you’ll want an electrical meter to check the voltage making it to the seat motor. In the end you might just have to replace the motor.

I would think the seat electrical circuit is protected by a circuit breaker rather than a fuse, these electric seat risers are not of high quality (sadly that does not affect the price) I have replaced many for a host of different reasons. It sounds like yours is failing (failure is causing high amp draw and then the breaker opens)This is not to be unexpected with a low quality electric seat riser that is frequently run full forward and full backwards. You need a new seat riser.

WD40 is a good Water Displacement, hence the name. It is a fair cleaner (it leaves a sticky residue if you don’t clean it off) and it is a terrible lubricant. I suggest following cigroller’s advice.

Thanks so much. Any idea where to get a new motor?

Clean the tracks as cigroller advised first.

I looked on eBay Motors and there aren’t any available. That usually means that it’s a dealer-only item or the motor is not available by itself. Call your Chevrolet dealer and ask if they have a power seat motor for your 2000 Montana. The Venture is almost identical, and the motor should be the same. The other option is to get one from a junk yard.