1998 Sentra SE Electrical Issue

My son just bought a '98 Sentra SE. The previous owner had a minor traffic accident and trunk and light bar were damaged. The turn signals suddenly went out. Bulbs were good and working previously. I found a blown fuse. New fuses pop immediately. The wiring leads to the turn signals and this light bar on the trunk lid. Am I right in thinking that the two might be related? Recent bad weather makes me wonder if something got wet and shorted? Anyone familiar with the electricals on the rear end?

I doubt if it had anything to do with water, but I would guess it does have to do with that accident. Likely a wire has been pinched and is shorted out to ground. Look where the wires connect from the car to the lid. In any case this is a situation where you have to follow the wire until you find the problem. Experience helps, but it is still a guessing game and can be time consuming. Good Luck