Possessed Car

I have a '97 Nissan Sentra that has many problems. I bought it from my brother within the past few months and had no idea what I was getting into. Here’s a list of the problems that I have no idea how to fix:

1)When the headlights are turned the back right light doesn’t work when the brakes are pushed, or the rear top, and license plate lights. I have changed the bulbs but they still don’t work.

2)The drivers window doesn’t roll down

3)The brakes are in full power to the front and a almost all power in the back right.

4)The trunk randomly opens. I find that it may be when I push on the brakes going over a bump

5)When I stick in the key, it will shock me from time to time, or making a whinny sound like a blown out speaker

6)the lights on the gear change randomly work when the lights are on

7)oh, and it randomly stalls. Pushing on the break at stop signs.

I learned my lesson to make sure that a car passes safety and emissions before buying. Please help me figure out whats wrong with my car and get it registered. :slight_smile: Bethlyn

Can you get your money back from your brother? How much did he take you for?

How many miles on this 13 year old Sentra? Any possibility that this Sentra was water flooded?

Just looking for history.

It was $1200… I guess I got what I paid for

It was $1200… I guess I got what I paid for

miles: 157034 and I don’t think it has ever been flooded

Sounds like you have some serious electrical gremlins that need working out.

Honestly, the first place I would start would be the ignition switch.
Lots of random seeming glitches at the same time all have that one common link.