2005 Nissan Sentra Brake Lights

Brake lights (all three) stopped working (it’s the wife’s car - so not sure how long ago)- I read forums which suggested fuse (replaced 10A “stop lights” with new) or “brake light switch” at pedal - replaced that with new - lights still not working - also, a new development after brake light problem was discovered: the auto transmission now will not shift out of “Park” - using shift-lock disengage (and “Stop” Hand Signal out the window) so I can drive it - Wife is now driving my truck 'til I can figure this out - Help! I want my truck back. (Besides wintertime and hand signals don’t mix.) Don’t want to take it to a shop if it is an “easy” fix (yeah, I’m cheap). Any ideas (not about my cheapness - my wife has enough ideas about that already) about the brake issue?

ok - my cheap status is rapidly fading - may be forced to take it to a shop - just found new “problems” - right rear tail light staying lit (even with key removed) - ground wire problem? if so, which one? where?