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Electrical problem

I have a 1997 nissan sentra, 4-cylinder 5-speed manual, air, power windows and locks. recently my dashboard lights went out. I checked all the fuses and none of them said dash lights so I figured they must be burnt out. On the way home the other night I was closing my power windows, and when I closed my left rear power window the dash lights came on. when I took my finger off of the window switch the dash lights went out. Each time I tried that the same thing happened. Also, I discovered that my tail lights were out. Again I checked the fuse box in the car and no fuse for tail lights. I opened the hood and found another fuse box. This one had tail lights on it. So I checked the fuse and it was burnt out, so I replaced it and turned on the lights and no tail lights. I checked the fuse again and it was blown. So I figure its a short somewhere but where??? HELP. Thanks Guys

For the tail light problem check areas that are exposed. If there is a trailer light hookup check that. The dash light trouble sounds like a ground problem Check the grounding in the dash area and also the battery to chassis grounding.

Since there is more than one light in the dash, I doubt if they all went out at the same time. Rather it is more likely the ground wire, or maybe the supply wire may have a problem. The power windows connection supports this ground idea. In addition it is possible that they somehow just got dimmed all the way and you can no longer see them, try adjusting the dash light dimmer control.

Agree that it’s probably grounding. You can try posting your issue on a Nissan-specific forum. Google “Nissan owners forum”. You’ll find lots of choices.