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Problem with electrical system

Need help! Have no tail lights and no dashboard lights. All fuses under the dashboard look good. Have signals and hazards . Replaced Headlights and tail lights.

On many cars, the tail lights and the dash lights are on the same circuit protected by the same fuse. Check your owner’s manual for the correct fuse and replace it. You can’t always tell if a fuse is good by looking at it. If the new fuse blows right away, you have a short circuit someplace.

I second T’s advice. You MUST replace the fuse (quite cheap). You can’t always tell if it is blown just by looking at it.

Sounds like a failed main lighting switch, or headlight switch if you will. The taillamps and dashlights usually operate off of a separate circuit in the switch.

Also look for a relay that may be bad going to the dash lights.