1998 Lincoln Town Car stalls when turning corner

Often as I slow down and start turning a corner, mostly to the right, my 1998 Lincoln Town Car stalls. I have to pull off to the side of the road, put it in park and then restart it, which it does every time. Any ideas in re why it stalls and how to fix?


Have your fuel system thoroughly checked out
Perhaps your fuel pump is starting to fail
Is the fuel level low when you make that right turn?

The accuracy of the fuel gauge and the low fuel level as mentioned is something I would be curious about also as the fuel pump module is offset to the right side of the tank a bit.

Some years back I discovered the pump offset (the hard way) on my Lincoln when I parked it at an angle in front of someone’s house. The low fuel light had come on just as I arrived and simply figured I would gas up when I left. The passenger side of the car was about 6 or 7 inches higher than the driver’s side and when i went to leave; no start, no fuel in the rail as the gas had settled to the driver’s side of the tank.
So off to the gas station with a jug and the addition of 2.5 gallons brought the level up enough to start the car. Lesson learned there.

If the car suffers this problem with a known half tank of fuel, etc then it’s possible there could be an Idle Air Valve problem and the right turn thing is just coincidental.