Car stalling when i turn right

my 1994 ford escort wagon 1.9L stalls on right turns, wat is happining?

I would start by checking for a bad ground between the engine and the car body.  Engine mounts also come to mind.

[b]The problem might be with the pick-up screen mounted to the bottom of the fuel pump.

If screen is loose from the fuel pump, and you make a turn, the gas sloshing in the tank causes the screen to move to where the fuel pump starves for fuel and the engine stalls.

To test for this, a fuel pressure gauge would be attached to the fuel rail, and if the fuel pressure drops off while making this corner, it would indicate that’s what the problem is.


If it’s caused by fuel starvation, it would happen several seconds into the turn or curve. Does it? If it happens immediately into the turn or curve, the car is losing electrical power to something. Check the security of the battery hold-down, and the tightness of the battery cables. Loosen and retighten any wire, strap, or cable, attached to the engine, transmission, fender, or firewall. This will ensure they are tight AND make good electrical grounds. Make sure there is something (plastic, etc.) covering the battery positive post and cable. With the engine running, use a stick and move all the wires around. If there is a hesitation, examine THOSE wires more closely.

Stalls or just quits? Big difference.
If it just shuts off, it could be something as simple as your ignition switch being worn out.
Have you got a big honking batch of keys?
That will do it.

If it has an inertia sensor to sense accident impacts and shut of the fuel pump that could be bad. You owner’s manual should provide a reset procedure for ths if your vehicle is equipped with one.