1988 Lincoln Town Car - Starting and stalling

Car starts immediately, or cranks for 5-10 sec without firing. Engine sometimes stalls when pulling into a parking spot. New plugs, cap, wires, rotor, air, fuel, PCV filter, EGR/EVP, B Sensor, H Sensor, IAC, Throttle Air Bypass. Ran fine for 29 years.

Fuel pump has been replaced? No? Might start there.

Leaky fuel injectors may be allowing the pressure to bleed down making crank times longer. Cycle the key a few times without cranking it. You should be able to hear the fuel pump run. Do this for enough starts to convince yourself you ahve caught those times of long crank time. If it starts right up every time, you,ll know leak down is the problem. A tank or 2 of injector cleaner would be the next step. If that doen’t fix it, likely it is the fuel pump.

Thanks. I did try pressurizing the system before starting but it
didn’t help. It always seems to start immediately after sitting for
a week in the garage and I go out to lunch. After that is when it
starts acting up. As in stalling when I pull into the restaurant
parking spot. Or hard to start after lunch. Other times it runs
just fine.

Thanks again.  I'll try injector cleaner.

This has been in to the dealer and a pretty good local garage. 

Could they have both missed a bad fuel pump?


I would not have suggested a fuel pump if you told us in the original post WHEN the starting problem occurs. Given the car is 29 years old and it adds 10mtom15 seconds to start, I would ignore the problem until it doesn’t start.

It’s having the engine suddenly die while pulling into a parking
spot that is unacceptable in an automobile. And the fact that it
often starts up immediately indicates that something is wrong and

Thanks for the help.