Stalling 1996 Lincoln Town Car

Car stalls out and then I can restart it. Neighbor suggested it was the crank shaft position sensor. Any other ideas?

Likely not the CPS… because the car starts. The CPS would keep it from starting at all or stall it when hot.

You only posted that it stalls and then you can restart it… wanna share a few MORE details on the problem than that so we can narrow things down a bit? Are you idling or driving when it stalls out? Hot? or cold? Can you start it right back up or do you have to wait? How many miles no this 2 valve 4.6 L V8 mod motor? Any check engine lights?

Usually within the first 10 minutes of driving it.
Today it stopped when idling. Normally it happens when driving. Has also happened when accelerating from a stop.

Can start it right back up

89,000 miles

No check engine lights

Happens sporadically

Had it in to Lincoln dealer. They could not replicate the problem

Seems to have started to happen after we put Marvel original oil and fuel enhancer in the fuel

Lincoln dealer says they flushed the fuel line.

Dennis , I don’t think whoever you work for really wants you putting all that personal info on an open web forum.

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Ok, Dennis, not CPS. Sure sounds like a fuel problem. Specifically the fuel pump. Marvel didn’t seem to do it any good and considering the car is 23 years old, if it hasn’t had the pump replaced, it is probably due. You didn’t say how many miles are on it or its maintenance history.

It needs a test of the fuel pressure, idling and driving, to make sure the pump keeps the pressure up. Sounds your Lincoln dealer’s mechanics are not too sharp. Try a well reviewed local independent shop instead.

Miles. 89,000

Maintained every 3,000 miles

No record of fuel pump test

I’m with @Mustangman on this . . . sounds like a possible fuel pressure/delivery problem

I’m going to guess that this engine has a fuel pressure test port . . .

Hook up a fuel pressure gauge to the test port with the engine off.

Start it and give us the readings at idle

Now leave it hooked up and go about and do your thing

When it stalls, pop the hood and make a note of the gauge

Here are the fuel pressure specs for your car

engine running 30 - 45psi

key on, engine off 35 - 40psi

you might also want to check that the connections at the inertial fuel shutoff switch aren’t melted

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