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93 lincoln town car sometimes wont start

I have a 93 Lincoln Town car that every once in awhile after being driven,parked and I come back to the car wont start. It will turn over but it sounds like its not getting fuel or something. This is the strange thing, almost exactly one hour after trying to get it to start it will start. It doesnt matter how much fuel I have in there, its been full before, half a tank and time to get fuel. Once I couldnt get it to start after an hour so I had to leave it overnight, but the next day it started right up.I took it to the mechanic and he couldnt get it to act up so I had to go back and get it. I called the Ford dealership and they told me unless it is acting up dont bother bringing it in. I have children and I hate the idea that I might get stranded somewhere. Has anyone come across this problem before?

The relay to the fuel pump may be intermittent. You could carry a can of starter fluid with you and when the trouble happens again spray some fluid into the intake and see if it tries to run then. If it does react you know it is a fuel problem. If that doesn’t work then the ignition system would be suspect.

Replace the fuel pump relay. If it fails to start, sometime, hold the gas pedal to the floor while you crank. If it starts, ease up on the gas pedal. If that doesn’t work, use the Starter Fluid spray in the intake tube. If that does it, the problem is fuel. Then, further troubleshooting, of the fuel system, is needed to find the cause.
If the fuel system doesn’t prove to be the problem, concentrate on the ignition / spark system.

First of all, I wish my pop drove me around in a Town Car. :slight_smile:

Second, if you find that you’re getting fuel, I’d suspect the TFI module in the distributor. This car has a 5.0L V8, correct?

'92 or even earlier was already 4.6 modular, not 5.0.

Good advice for troubleshooting by hellokit and Cougar.

4.6L started on Town Cars in 91