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1997 PLymouth Breeze

My car has been stopping every know and then and cranks back up. I got alot of thing change and cleaned fuel filter, idle air control, crank sensor and more things. I took it to six places to get check and they couldn’t find nothing its still stopping. They did engine checks and nothing came up on any of the mechines. What could it be if nothing getting pick up on the mechines? Any advice will be helpful.

If the engine stalls suddenly, it’s likely an ignition problem. Power to (or, from) the ignition system could be cutting out. This could be in the ignition switch, or somewhere else in the ignition components.
Since it can be difficult to find the cause of a problem which just won’t stay in one place, and the age of the vehicle, put the ignition switch at the top of the suspect list.,3873659/vehicleId,2343901/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,1140/partType,00189/shopping/partProductDetail.htm

So many things it could be. I suspect something electrical due to the “on and off” intermittent nature of the problem. That puts sensors, fuel pump, ignition component and wiring, all as possible. If the computer does not come up with an error code this is very tough to track down until the car stops and won’t restart.

The checks on the ignition distributor, that need to be done, aren’t done with a computer. They are done with an electrical multimeter (DVOM).
Do these checks: The ignition coil is a suspect for this type of behavior; but, only a suspect, for now.
Also, test the voltage of the wiring coming out to the distributor (A or B). With the DVOM test probe touching wire terminal A or B, have someone turn the ignition switch on and off, repeatedly. If voltage doesn’t show up on a “key-ON”, you know that the ignition switch just skipped a beat.

The Plymouth Breeze as far as I know does not have a distributer, but has a waste spark coil pack. The Stratus however was avalible with a Mitsu V6 that had a distributer.