1997 Plymouth Breeze

My Plymouth breeze has beeb stopping for about 1month every now then, but starts right back up. I took it to 4 different mechanics and they keep telling me that its nothing wrong with it they all did engine test and hook it up to see did the computer pick up something. But it showed nothing. what else could be wrong with it? Could it be dirty gas or the fuel filter please give me some advice.

Have the mechanics done anything other than hook up the tester? Is the maintenance on the car up to date?

A new fuel filter on a 12 year old car certainly won’t hurt, but there could be other causes for the stalling.

Can you describe the conditions under which the engine stalls?

I’m struggling to think of what could possibly cause the engine to shut down without triggering a fault code. I’m unable to come up with anything at this point, but I will “bump” the post for you.

They did a full vechical check they said. I just put a new battery in it a month. Every morning i get up around 6am i crank it up and it cuts off but the radio will stay on and the lights but the engines cuts off. Every other day when i drive it, it cuts off at least once when i come to a red light or just a normal stop at a stop sign, it just shuts off and the radio and lights stay on. And i can put it back in park and it cranks right back up. Also when i turn on the heater or AC it shakes alittle and cuts off in about 10min, when it cut it off and put the car back in park it cranks back up.

I’m going to “bump” this again. This one has my interest. I’m hoping the smarter denizens of the forum can make some suggestions for me to learn from.

Thanks all the help i can get will be nice. I went today and got a fuel filter and i gonna let someone put it in tomorrow and see what happens.

The engine isn’t getting enough “something”. Without doing some test, of spark and fuel, it’s difficult to make any decent guess. If the spark plugs and air filter haven’t been changed in a while (couple years), that could be the cause.
I would like to do a test of the engine coolant temperature sensor http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c15280089842 and replace it if the tests were doubtful.
How the fuel filter is replaced (FYI): http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c1528008945b
Since the symptoms seem to point toward an engine which needs a tuneup (besides spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter), the throttle body bore and throttle plate, and idle air control valve should be cleaned with a Throttle Body Spray Cleaner. Takes about 15 minuets. While the large black intake tube is off, is also, a good time to clean the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. Another 5 minuets.
It’s all the little things which can make a big difference in an engine’s performance.

Not trying to be difficult, and I do agree with getting everything up to snuff, but how would that cause a running engine to stop without tripping a fault code?

I’m starting to wonder if it’s as simple as a bad battery cable. Perhaps even a blown fusable link (I’ve seen those act intermittantly).

Here is a good four page instruction article on how to use the spray cleaner on the throttle body. Skill level: novice mechanic. http://www.mobiloil.com/USA-English/MotorOil/Car_Care/DIY/Cleaning_Engine_Throttle_Bodies.aspx?pg=4


hope you are still reading.

has any of this made the red CHECK ENGINE LIGHT come on?

you mention that it was hooked up to computer. what kind of mechanic? jiffy lube? pep boys? a small local shop? a discount chain?

I agree with Mountainbike about checking battery connection. I have had to replace the cable terminals on my 95 Stratus. Note, battery is located in drivers side fender, and will require the removal of tire, and fender liner to gain access. secondly check cable terminals under hood at points marked jumper terminals. and all ground wires on shock tower. This problem sound like a loss electrical connection somewhere that may require a lot visual inspection. So might as well start at the battery.

After second thought, If the car is only stalling out at a traffic light or while idling, it maybe a blocked line for the IAC (idle air control valve) that needs cleanining. It may not be a electrical problem.

I too have been having the same problems. 2 local mechanics (well trusted shops)and a local Chrysler Dealership. All tell me the same thing…tune up, fuel filter, cleaned throtle body, plugs/wires, etc. I have the same sysmptoms, hard idle, lack of acceleration, will stall when sitting at a stop. If I turn off and restart…poof problem seems to go away. I’ve paying attention to every detail when it happens. Things that use a vaccum tend to make things worse…ie: A/C. My engine light comes one a throws out a generic MAF Sesnor code. I’m going to ty the Throtle Cleaner today as previously suggested. Any other ideas? Many Thanks in Advance!

well last week it wouldn’t crank, i drove it all morning and it finally wouldn’t crank but the radio was still coming on as usually so i thought they would finally find something out. He changed the fuel pump and starter and said i had a leak in someting but it wasn’t interfering with transmission so i could wait and get it fix. When it got home the next day it drove fine for about 1 day, THE NEXT morning it stop on me again. The check engine light came on and blinked off still nothing will come up on computer. So i spend 400.00 bucks on two more things that didn’t fix the problem. I really don’t know what else to try. I cleaned every pipe, changed plugs,computer module,fuel filter,fuel pump, and more. I’m thinking about selling it but i love that little car. If you find out any thing new fill me in any help will do. Thanks