Mystery Stalling

I have a '92 Plymouth Neon which stalls randomly for 2-20 minutes before restarting. There is no pattern to it whatsoever. I have taken it to two mechanics who have been unable to fix it due to the fact that the check engine light goes off when the car is restarted.

What the hell is wrong with my car? I’ve heard everything from the alternator to the fuel pump, and many things in between.

Unfortunately it sounds like the best solution to me is to stop by the shop every chance you get, and when it fails get an analysis quickly while it is failure mode. Intermittent problems are the worst.

You change inexpensive parts which require too much time and effort to test. One such item is the fuel pump relay.
How does the engine stall? Suddenly? Stumbles and dies? Check the fuel pressure.
Check the ignition module.

Even with the CEL off, there are numerous things that can be checked. Fuel system pressure, the ignition system, the general mechanical state of things like the throttle plate and the battery and ground wire connections, vacuum tubes (for leaks), and various sensors.

It’ll probably cost an hour or twos shop time for diagnosis, but a good shop should be able to work with this. The risk is that even the best occasionally run into an intermitant problem that leaves no tracks, but in truth these things can usually be found.

The stalling is sudden. One moment it’s driving, the next it’s off. So far I’ve had work done on the throttle and the fuel pump, but the problem persists.