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1997 Plymouth Breeze

Car drives fine and cuts off and when put in park it cranks back up instantly. Even when Ac or defoger is cut on it cuts off a few seconds later. It only cuts off every 5 days once and it drives good. Could it be the crank shift or Fuel filter. Help me my mechanic doesn’t know what the problem is he said he checked evrything.

Best advice would be better mechanic. There is a sensor on a car that increases RPM of engine as soon as load on engine increases (a/c, radio, defogger, headlights, etc), I can’t unfortunately remember name of the sensor, but would be nice idea to check it.

You need to familarize youself with the different types of fuel injection systems used what years they were used and the known trouble areas of each.

Your answer is so vague it is useless. If you want to post about systems you have worked with or studied you need to take the time to find the name of the component you are refering to,make sure it is used on the year model the OP is posting about,if you are going to post you have a responsibility to provide accurate information to the best of your ability.

Get some reference books,keep them at your side and use them.

The engine uses the idle air control valve to add additional air, and it commands more fuel to be injected, when sensors inform it that engine load has increased. There is an a/c pressure switch, for one, which tells the engine computer when the a/c is switched on. The alldata troubleshooting charts, under “FUEL CONTROL”, will list which sensors have inputs for engine load.