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1997 Plymouth Breeze

My car’s engine had been stall ever know and then but cuts right back on when cranked up. I took it to 7 mechanic and no one can find nothing i have gotton ever wired changed, Throttle chance engine checkes,transmission checked and nothing. They have been changing little things on it that done came up to over2000 bucks. The only thing thats left is the timing belt could that be the problem?? Help me the car has 14522 miles on it. Any jelp will be appreicaited.

Does the car have 14,522 actual miles, or has the odometer already gone around once, with the result that it has 114,522 miles? However, no matter which situation it actually is, the car is at least 4 years overdue for a timing belt change if the belt is the original one.

The timing belt is not the source of the current problem, but it will bring a whole new set of problems if it is not replaced a.s.a.p. When that belt snaps, you will likely be looking for a new car, and your current problems will seem to be very minor at that point.

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