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1997 Plymouth Breeze

My car stop at least twice a week and cranks right back up when i put it in park and no one knows what is the matter with it does any one out their?

Has the fuel filter ever been replaced? What’s the maintenance history on this car?

You haven’t given us enough information to work with.

Engine? Transmission? Mileage?

C’mon, give us something to work with.

When does the engine stall? When the car is moving, idling, on take off? Does it quit suddenly or does it stumble some before it quits? Is idle rpm low, high, normal? How smoothly does the engine idle? Like glass? Rock and roll? Chugga, chugga?

The engines stalls when car is at a stop. Or when the car is about to come to a stop. and the idle is always at the 1 or alittle above the one. And the car runs smooth but makes aliitl noise like glass but lower every now and then. I took it to another mechanic yesterday and still no answer. And i’m a young women so i feel like i’m getting ripped off. I brought it as is a year ago and ever thing has been good so far expect for this which started 4weeks ago. Any information will helpful. thanks

The engine needs to be in good tune. Have the spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter been changed?
When you are slowing to a stop, put the transmission into neutral. Is there a difference?

I wonder if the automatic transmission (you did not tell us about your transmission so I am assuming) may be locking up. Is there anything else happening that might be related to the transmission like hard shifts sometimes.

Its an automatic. If you turn on the ac or deforster the car will start to shake a little and the engine i suspect will growl kind of and the car will stop AFTER you turn it off. I just brought the battery a month ago. The mechanic i went to said he thought it was the crank shift might have a crack in it. But he really couldn’t tell unless he sent it off to get checked. Both mechanic said they checked the transmission but could’nt find nothing. Is their anything i can be looking out for that might help find out what is wrong with it?