Why is my car stalling

Ok I have a 1998 Plymouth Breeze that is having a little bit of a stalling problem.

The car stalled on me once when I was backing out of a drive way.

Now it seems that sometimes when I’m coming to a stop at a red light the car acts like it going to stall on me. This only happens when the A/C is on and right before the car comes to a complete stop. I?ve also noticed that the harder you stop the more likely it is that the car will try to stall. And it normally only happens on hot days or when the car has been running for a while. And it sometimes acts like it?s going to stall when you change from drive to reverse and from reverse to drive. The car is an automatic transmission.

Work that has been done to the car in the last few weeks:

Oil changed

Fuel injections cleaned

Spark plugs changed

Air filter changed

Battery changed (it was going bad)

Thermostat changed (it was getting stuck)

Known problems with the car (since I?ve owned it)

Small oil leak in engine (does not effect the spark plugs)

A/C leaking refrigerant (have to put refrigerant in it once a year)

I taken the car to two mechanics and the first one had no clue what was causing the problem. He tested the fuel pressure and it was fine. He did notice that the engine mounts were bad. Then I took the car to another mechanic when the thermostat was not working right.

This car has 120,000 miles on it and the only problems I?ve had with it is that the water pump went out last summer when I was driving the car.

I don?t think this is related to the problem. But when I checked my engine coolant reservoir and it was black. It was full of what looked like dirt. I replaced the coolant and now it looks like it is still getting dirty. I know that it isn?t oil. The other thing I?ve noticed with the car is that it starts hard in the morning or after it?s been setting somewhere for a while. I don?t think that these problems could be causing the stalling issue though.

Now I?m just trying to figure out why the car is trying to stall when I?m braking.

Please help :slight_smile:

If this car has an electro-mechanical idle air control valve, I would be checking there.

When was the last time (before the one you reported) that you changed the coolant? Can I assume it was changed when the water pump was changed? Engine coolant should not be black and have stuff in it. Could your car have had a coolant leak in the past and maybe someone “fixed” it with something added to the radiator?

I wonder if the transmission is locking up when it should not?

Yeah, I think I’d have the idle air control checked, cleaned, or replaced. That’s what adjusts the air to maintain a constant idle speed. It could also be running a little lean due to idunno, O2 sensor, temp sensor, MAF, etc. that is exagerated when the AC is on.

Check ALL of your connections in your car. Make sure everything is plugged in, TIGHT. I’ve had some recent work done on my car and it stalled out on me. I found a “loose” plug around the distributer cap (after 2 days of looking at the engine w/a flash light. Probably saved myself about 200.00.

Also, have the Oxygen Sensor checked/changed. I am learning that some cars need these replaced at 60,000 miles as routine maintenance. My 2000 Subaru was doing this and it turns out that it was an Oxygen Sensor. I have 182,000 miles on this. Runs like new!

If all else fails have a trusted “dealer” or trusted mechanic look over the car. Ask if questions specific to your vehicle before taking it in. Make sure they are comfortable w/your car. 120,000 mile is not alot. My 2002 Honda CRV has 188,000. I keep up w/routine maintenance and it runs like a new car!

Hope this helps! Hang in there!