Plymouth Breeze with no acceleration

My '99 Breeze, 120,000 miles, is not accelerating properly, mechanic is stumped, new battery was required after the old one died completely two days after car played stump the mechanic. All systems and fluid levels ok, tried different gas for two tanks, acceleration is zip to none with air conditioner on, need to drive car 400 miles in two weeks. Help, melting in South Carolina!

Well, you have given us precious few clues. We don’t even know what systems have passed your mechanic’s tests.

You should check out the crankshaft position sensor (CKS) and the throttle position sensor (TPS). Sometimes these things go bad but the computer doesn’t store a code. Find out if your mechanic has a scanner. If he offers a response that sounds anything like “Duh-h-h” find another mechanic.