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Door ajar warnings

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger with quad doors. Often times, when I open or close these doors, I wind up getting a ‘door ajar’ light, PLUS my dome lite stays lit for 10-15 minutes AFTER I close the door. When it finally DOES go off, When I pull the keys from the steering column, the light (dome) comes on once again and remains on for a long time. Eventually this rights itself, and things go back to ‘normal’ but I have been forced now to take the bulbs out of the dome light. I’ve got it narrowed down, I think to the rear quad doors. What can i do?


Are you sure the door switch isn’t the problem? My Suburban had the place the switch contacts too low, replaced with a higher pad.

On the Ranger, the switch for the Door Ajar is in the latch of each door. I am afraid that you will have to dissasemble each door to find out which one is the culprit.