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1994 Mercury Sable - Dome ligh is stuck

1994 Mercury Sable dome light will not turn off. Can you help.

If I was in that situation, until I could get the car to a mechanic, I would either remove the light bulb or remove the fuse. Have you attempted either of those temporary fixes?

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I suspect one of the switches for the doors is shorted. Normally, those switches are “open” when the corresponding doors are closed, meaning no current is passing and the light is off.

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Years ago I had a Pontiac and I wanted to be able to leave the driver’s door open without turning on the dome light. I drilled a hole in the dome light and installed a switch that would disable it.

Have you made sure the control switch for the dome light is in the OFF position? If it is OFF then one of the door switches may have shorted internally. They usually complete a connection to ground to turn on the light.