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Bad door switch in Sable?

Hi everybody. I have a 96 Sable that I’m trying to fix up. One of its perpetual problems, though, is that the dome light (and other interior lights) stay on 90% of the time when I’m driving. The driver door won’t lock, either. Eventually, after driving a while, the interior lights will switch themselves off.

Does it sound like I have some kind of bad latch or switch in my driver door?

Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner or WD40 (in a pinch) into the door latch while working the door handle. The light switch is built into the door lock. I had to do this occasionally with my wife’s 98 Windstar.

edb1961 is on the right track but don’t use WD40, it will only gum up and get real sticky. The problem is in the door latch. Purchase a spray can of PB Blast and soak the latch, it worked on mine.