Honda Shift problem

Honda accord. Automatic. When you are in park and you push the button to shift out of park the button sticks and won’t let you shift. If you push hard enough it breaks free and then you are good to shift. No problems with pushing the buttons when shifting into other gears. Just out of park. Any hints. Thanks.

what year was it manufactured?


Do you use the parking brake? Do you set the parking brake before you shift into park?

Do you use the parking brake?

*****Sometimes. If it’s parked in the garage then no.

Do you set the parking brake before you shift into park?

***I don’t. But my daughter drives the car the vast majority of the time. I don’t believe she does either. In other words its…stop…put car in park…shut car off…set parking brake if needed.

Would these things make a difference?


Yes, if the car rolls against the parking pawl, then it’s very difficult to get it out of park. The steeper the grade, the harder it is. Even garage floors are sloped.

That makes sense. Is there anything to do about it. I can push hard enough to get it free but my daughter can’t every time. Thanks

You stop, keep your foot on the brake, then set the parking brake (tight), then put the car in Park.

When leaving, reverse the procedure; put the car in gear with foot on the brake, THEN RELEASE THE PARKING BRAKE. Then drive off.

Afraid that didn’t work. It’s a new problem and my daughter has not used the parking brake in the garage before so that doesn’t seem to be the factor that affects whether it comes out of Park like it should. I have to use both hands, one on each side of the shift and push as hard as I can to get the silver button to pop into place so I can shift into the other gears. In the other gears it’s just fine. Thanks though. Any other suggestions anyone.


Brake lights working?

I’ve got this with the kid’s Acura but haven’t torn it apart yet to look at what exactly the problem is. But if there is a slot just ahead of the shifter, its to insert a key as an emergency release of the shift lever. If that’s the case then think it is in the cable or adjustment of the shift cable. You need the factory manual or a dealer.