Gear Shifter problem

I have a 97 Grand Am GT. Automatic. When I crank the car and try to put it in gear nothing happens. Shifter will not move. After several attempts of pressing the brake pedal and trying to get it in gear, it will finally work. This happens randomly. Anyone have any ideas. My mechanic is stumped.

The areas I would have the mechanic look at are the brake light switch and the park unlock solenoid. One test you could do is to have someone observe the brake lights of the car; turn the ignition key to the run position but do not have the engine running; and push the brake pedal and listen for a click/thump near the shifter. If you don’t hear the noise and cannot get the shifter out of park, ask the observer if the brake lights are lit. If they aren’t lit, the problem is with the brake switch. If they are, the problem is with the solenoid. The mechanism probably needs cleaning and a light lube.

Hope that helps. Reply back if we can help you further.