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1997 Caravan EGR Valve Location

My 1997 Caravan 3.0 acts as if the EGR Valve needs to be cleaned. Where is the EGR Valve?

You might get enough info from the Autozone website to answer your question. On their home page look for the tab “repair help”, then look for “component locations”. The description may be vague, but might get you close enough to figure it out. You might start by using the website to find the part so that you know what it looks like. Combining those might do the trick. You’ll have to enter vehicle info - make, model, year, engine - before you start with the repair help tab. Good luck!

I followed the advice of WesternRoadtripper but I sure can’t find it. There is nothing that looks like that on my engine!

The EGR valve is connected to the rear exhaust manifold close to the firewall. It may be blocked from veiw by the air cleaner, look at the rear exhaust manifold on the end closest to the brake master cylinder. The EGR valve/tube connects to the intake plenum just behind the throttle body.