Can’t Find EGR Valve

Have a 2022 Nissan Rogue S AWD. Throwing a P04AF code. Was running a little sluggish this week but wasn’t coding until today.
Want to pull the EGR and try and clean it but I can’t for the life of me find the stupid thing on this vehicle.
Everything is so compact with this thing it’s hard to see much of anything.
Any help?
Appreciate in advance.


Are you out of warranty ?

Assuming in an emissions thing then I think so. I’m at 43k miles and that is 3yr or 36k.

I managed to find a couple generic diagrams like the one you showed yet none of them resemble the actual engine compartment.

The EGR valve is attached to the bottom of the catalytic converter.
The red part, 14710 is the EGR valve.


Do you have the 3-banger turbo engine? If so, I don’t see any such code. Are you sure it isn’t actually “P04FA”?

You’re correct… Typo. It’s P04FA. And yeah, it’s the new 1.5L 3cyl.

Sadly even with all these diagrams Instill can’t find the EGR valve. It’s so dense in this engine compartment it’s hard to see much of anything.
I can’t tell if I should be under the vehicle at this point looking up or trying to look down through all the compacted hoses.

Yes, as Nevada already mentioned the EGR is at the bottom of the catalytic converter, that normally means it is down low and not up top…

My labor guide only calls for 0.8 hours to R&R the EGR valve…

Just so you realize, it is not alone down there, here is the rest of the picture…

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Thank you all for the guidance.

If you are an intrepid diy’er, you might try driving the front wheels up on ramps, then inspecting from below. Start by finding where the exhaust system is connected to the exhaust manifold, then follow the exhaust system towards the rear of the car until you come to the the catalytic converter. Which is probably close to where you started, near the exhaust manifold. You may have to remove one or more under-engine shields and covers first. If you aren’t an experienced diy’er, this isn’t a good job to start the learning process. Better to take your car to the shop, let them do the repair, then ask them to explain the process how they diagnosed the cause.

No experience with your Rogue, but the way the EGR system works on my Corolla, the PCM (computer) reads a sensor to monitor the temperature of the EGR passageway. The wider the EGR valve is open, the higher the temperature. The computer knows when the EGR should be open and if the temperature doesn’t match what it expects for that amount of opening, it flags this as a problematic EGR. But that doesn’t mean the actual problem is the EGR. It could be the passageways are clogged, or that the temperature sensor is faulty. New EGR systems also have a cooler for the EGR. As you might expect, this complicates the situation. Since you have the turbo engine, I’m guessing you also have the EGR cooler function. Another reason to use a shop rather than attempting to fix it yourself if unsure about abilities/tool kit/etc. Best of luck, and good for you for keeping the air as clean as practical!

Does it even have an EGR valve? I’ve read that my Nissan Versa does not because they get the same effect with variable valve timing.

Well, If not then Nissan went through a whole lot of trouble to make and sell replacement parts for it as show in few reply’s…