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2006 grand cherokee.. How to replace egr valve?

how do you replace egr valve?

The EGR valve is normally mounted to the intake manifold by a couple of bolts and probably has a wiring harness plugged into it. It may also have a steel pipe threaded into it, leading from the exhaust system. Replacement is usually pretty easy, but failure is unusual. Why does it need to be replaced?

125,000 miles on it and check engine light is on… auto zone told me to replace it

If you post the code they pulled on this thread, as well as all other pertinent information about the vehicle such as engine size and maintenance history, we can help you determine what is really wrong with your vehicle. Autozone does not do diagnoses, they only scan codes and use the information to sell expensive parts that probably aren’t going to solve the problem. I remember hearing that they were involved in a class action lawsuit some years back for doing this sort of thing, and they still haven’t stopped. I stopped by an Advance Auto Parts a few years ago to use their scanner since mine was on the fritz at the time. They pulled a manufacturer specific air/fuel mix code, which indicates the need to follow a flow chart to determine the cause of the problem, and they told me the code meant replace the mass airflow sensor. They argued with me until I told them I was ASE Certified and they needed to stop trying to get people to throw expensive parts at a problem with hopes or expectations of fixing something.

Locate the valve, remove it and clean it and manipulate the plunger to make sure it moves freely, clean out the ports the valve controls, use a coat-hanger to ream out the passages, put it all back together, disconnect your battery for a minute or so, (to reset the light) and see it that doesn’t cure the problem…If passing an emissions test is not an issue, you can safely defer repairing this…