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EGR Valve

How do I remove the EGR valve from the manifold? It failed and I want to remove it to clean it. I’m having a difficult time removing it. It is a Dodge Sprinter Diesel, 2006 RV Also, how do I clean it. Many thanks. I am grateful for your answer.

I am not aware of yours specifically. But just today my 01 mitsubishi mirage failed emissions. I took it to autozone for free check and they said low flow egr valve. I came home, searched the web and found a ton of similar info. The best stuff for me>>>. look under your hood for the vaccum line sticker. it will show you where your egr is. Mine only had 2 bolts attaching it to the manifold, and only one vaccum line to it. VERY EASY REMOVAL Also pickup a new egr gasket before you remove the egr valve. Mine was only a 1.69 from autozone. Once I got it off I could see that it was packed with carbon. I mean packed. I used a small pick like a dental tool) and careful began removing the crud, then I used a battery terminal brush and cleaned the ports out. Finally I used carb cleaner and let it soak in the ports, and q-tips to wipe the crud out. The ports where the egr bolts to the manifold were nasty also. So I used the pick and carefully scraped out a ton of crud from them before reinstalling the egr valve. time from start to finish about an hour and a half. After reinstalling it I test drove the car. Huge difference. Engine light went out so I took it back to emissions. PASSED… no problems…no bills… hopefully yours will be just as easy to fix. Thanks to all the members helpful advice. You guys have saved me a ton of $$$$$$$.