Egr missing 2004 chrysler sebring 2.4L DOHC

i recently went to remove my egr valve to clean it and found it missing. It is supposed to be mounted on my driver side of the engine next to my tranny dipstick. I can see on the engine where it used to be mounted (gasket mark) but it is gone along with the transducer thats supposed to be right above it. the wiring harness next to it and the solenoid above it, also the pipe leading fromt he egr valve to the front of my engine going into my throttle body is also gone… My repair manuel shows these items in those spots and it shows the pipe going into a plate on my throttle body so its supposed to have a opening in it for the pipe to go into it but mine does not. its flat with no opening. My engine is not on and i just passed e check… Was wondering if any1 has heard or seen this before… Any ideas or tips would be appreciated

My engine light is not on^