1996 Cavalier

have a 1996 Cavalier which has the anti theft device which shuts down the fuel pump. Last fall it activated and could not get the car to run, nephew worked on it got it running now it runs fine but shuts down and I have to pull on the wires coming from the fuel pump to get it started and keep it going, I tried to get to where the wires hook into the wiring harness to check for shorts but cannot get the wires low enough to work on them. Above the fuel pump I twisted the wires and taped them tight it is working but would like to do it right, could this probem again be the anit theft device?

If pulling on the wires gets it going again, it’s not the anti-theft device per se, it’s those poorly done connections. You’re going to have to solder and seal them, preferably with heat-shrink tubing or liquid electrical tape. Using crimp connectors is likely to lead to failure in the future. I think you will probably have to lower the gas tank to get access.

At this age, is there a way to fix the fuel pump wires easily and disconnect he anti-theft sysyem without going to major expense? I don’t think your car is a prime taget for thieves any more.

Removing the device is certainly an option, but the connections need to be fixed regardless. I’ll bet the power feed for the fuel pump has been cut and the harness for the anti-theft device is (poorly) spliced into it.

I know it is not a prime theft target anymore, but when it runs it is great and the milage it gets is amazing! He cut the floor above the pump so I have access to the pump but getting to the wires behind the gas tank is the issue1 I am certain the connections are bad. Thanks for your help! it is appreciated.

It might be a target as a parts car, but certainly not as interesting as if it were half its age. If you don’t live in a high theft area, disconnecting the antitheft system won’t be a problem. Actually, its worth very little except to you as your daily driver. I’d disconnect the system and see if it relieves the problem.

Wonderful! tell me How do i Disconnect The System? Seems like when one thing happens another issue sneaks up behind it, just today i established I need to replace the wheel bearing on the front drivers side-

Wouldn’t it be easier to just run new wires to the fuel pump instead of trying to find the open circuit? It wouldn’t be a short or it would be blowing the fuse, so it is a broken wire or poor connections.

You know your right, and I will wager it is a bad conncetion. Thanks Bing!