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99 f-150 anti-theft

I have a 99 f-150, used as a farm work vehicle. I took the column and tumbler apart in an attempt to fix it, but broke the small wires attached to the copper coil of wires surrounding the tumbler. Now, “theft” appears on the dash display, and when it cranks, there is spark, but no fuel.How can I by-pass the anti-theft system? How do people steal these things? I don’t need this vehicle to be started with a key, so could it be done with just a push button? This is a farm vehicle, so think “cheap and dirty.”

I bet you will need a scematic to dope out the way to bypass the antitheft feature.

The anti theft system has disabled the fuel pump. You’re going to need a schematic of the start circuitry to figure out ho to bypass this. A Haynes manual from the parts store should have one.