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Last winter my daughter went into the ditch “hard”. The car wont start now but the ant-theft light stays on. They have put in new coils, computer, but they noticed that there was wires cut from previous owner. How can we get this car started and running. It is a 1996 Chevy Cavalier, automatic, 2 cylinders, front wheel drive.

I am in no way a GM mechanic (work on VW/Audi). That said, normally there are three things required on anti-theft EOM systems:

  1. A key with a chip in it
  2. The coil around the key lock that reads the key’s chip.
  3. The correct computer to go with the key.

If the wiring is damaged or the coil is bad, or the key does not match the computer, it won’t start (or will start and then quickly die).

You need to possibly see a dealer, not sure exactly how Chevy systems work, but usually they have to hook it to a factory computer and download codes to re-sync the computer to the key(s).

2 cyl.



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Thats a great idea thanks we a deffantly are going to try this.

I wonder about a copy key if that would work, since there wouldn’t be any chip in it to resync or recode?