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89 bonneville anti theft PLEASE HELP!

Hello, I have an '89 Pontiac Bonneville that has a new fuel pump and filter, computer, starter, ignition, battery and oxygen sensor! Our car will crank up, but then shut off and lose all power within 30 secs. What could be wrong?
The ignition still won’t work. I was told that it may be the anti-theft. Does this car have one? If so, where is it?
What else could be wrong with the car? We are having a very hard time!!!

If it has an anti-theft, there will be a chip in the key. Aside from that possibly a small removable piece on the bottom left of the dashboard. No, there has to be something wrong in the wiring. I don’t think the 89 came with an anti-theft system. I think that didn’t start until the early-mid 90’s.

Anti theft devices have been in cars long before chips have been put in keys, they just weren’t as sophisticated.

Please explain what you mean by “ignition still won’t work” If it ran for thirty seconds, the ignition must be working.

Also explain about the “wire ran from the battery”. Can you crank the engine using the ignition key or do you have to do something with this wire to get it to crank?

As for anti-theft, you will need to check your owners manual. If it did not have an anti-theft circuit offered by the manufacturer, then it could have an aftermarket one installed. Most of the n ewer aftermarket anti-theft devices use a fob instead of a chip in the key and there will be an LED blinking on the dash, visible at night.