1996 4Runner SR5 4x4 - Brake Noise


I have had this issue develop a couple of weeks ago… It seems to be coming from the front passenger side wheel well area. It’s only present during braking and coming to a stop. Seems to be also related to wheel speed. The brake performance doesn’t seem to be impacted but it’s very embarrassing creaking through a parking lot. The noise doesn’t seem to be present on a cold start but once the brakes warm up it really comes to life.

I noticed with both wheels up off the ground that the front passenger side wheel (The side making noise) had more resistance than the drivers side when trying to spin. Could this be indicative of a failing caliper?

I found a video of someone with the exact same problem on Youtube but they haven’t found a solution yet.

Here’s what I’ve replaced in the past week:

  • Brake Pads
  • Roters
  • Lower Ball Joints
  • Inner/Outer Tie Rod Ends
  • Wheel Alignment

Any help or advice I could get with this would truly salvage what bit of sanity I have left.

Thank you

If you replaced the brake pads, it meant you had to compress the caliper pistons back into their bores. Did the pistons compress easily? And while the calipers where removed, did you clean/relube the caliper slides?

If this checked okay, then the brake hose to that caliper may be acting as a check valve. This can happen when a piece of rubber inside the hose detaches and hangs down. This then allows hydraulic pressure to the caliper piston when appling the brakes, but when the brakes are released that hunk of rubber acting as a check valve keeps the hydraulic pressure applied to the caliper piston.

To check for this, remove that tire. Pump the brake pedal a couple times and then open the bleeder screw on that caliper. If brake fluid squirts out and now the rotor/hub spins freely that brake hose is defective.

And if you find this to be the problem, replace both caliper brake hoses.