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Noisy Wheels

I’m at my wits end. I’d appreciate if anyone could help diagnose my problem? I have a 1990 Toyota 4runner. The front wheels make a rubbing or grinding sound when it get cold out. rrRrrRrr sound. It happens intermittently, usually when I hit a bump and stops when I hit another. I’ve had brakes, calibers, and shocks replaced. Had 2 mechanics look at it but no definite answers. The axle seals are wearing out. That’s what I know. Any ideas of what my problem is?? Will my wheels fall off?

Maybe wheel bearings. Your wheels are not likely going to fall off.

That’s one I haven’t heard yet, Thank you! Doesn’t sound too expensive either. I was thinking maybe it has something to do with the transfer case… bad oil? What are your thoughts on that? Thanks for the reassurance that my wheels won’t fall off!

If it’s a “rrRrrRrr” sound coming from a wheel, I’d say it’s likely a wheel bearing, not the transfer case. I don’t recommend going back to the place that replaced your calipers and shocks, they sound like they are lousy at diagnosis but more than happy to replace parts. Good luck.

Thank you!